Art House

Collection of art displayed on the credenza top in the living room of location78, photographic and film location house

Pictures can completely transform a space, and here at, a film and photographic location house, we have plenty, and boy do they make a difference adding tons of character and colour.

People who shoot here often comment on the paintings (and they are ALL paintings, despite being married to a photographer! We have a few photos on the top floor, in our office and a dark corridor upstairs, but none in the main part of the house, I don’t know why, it is perhaps a bit insulting to one of us……) and lots assume that because we have so many that one of us is the artist – sadly not; a frustrated one perhaps, as I do love to make things, and there are a few ‘creations’ around the house, which have been made by me but I rarely get the chance these days. Watch this space though, things could be changing.

I pick up paintings all over the place, and most of my favourites are from charity shops (above, and below right), so price does NOT need to stand in the way of lovely collection of pictures, but car boot sales, Ebay (bottom left), student shows and artists studios (below left, the wonderful Lisa Giles) are also great places to browse, so don’t tie yourself down to a certain style and  go with your gut, you never know what you might find. I definitely have a bent towards a modernist abstract, but equally love an antique portrait, or floral oil – I’m NOT a fan of kitsch, and often toy with the idea of getting rid of the Tretchikoff in our bathroom – I think it is the right side of tasteful but I’m not quite convinced.

Generally I just buy what I like, which I think is the most important thing when buying ANYTHING, things that are fashionable are exactly that, and will drop out of fashion and ultimately favour over time, but if you buy instinctively, that love will last a lifetime (and if it doesn’t, you can always do a car bootie)

A mixture of art displays at photographic and film location house in Hackney

Various Art displays at the hackney location house for Hire