Good Bye Credenza

Christmas Still Life shot on the top of the Credenza at, photographic location house London

Happy New Year peeps!

Well, you might be wondering why this first 2020 post has a title that has nothing to do with New Year greeting. Ah well, there is a reason, to be explained. we all know that this time of year is as one person recently put it, is about looking forward as much as looking back, plus it’s a time of renewals.

Living Room at www.location78, photgraphic location for hire, London

Here at Location78 we have decided that the renewal means the removal of one of our key pieces of furniture, our much loved and photographed Credenza from our LivingRoom, but it’s not out of our life I am glad to report, it has just been relocated to Location78_ANDaHALF, which is our little interiors lifestyle project in Herefordshire, do follow for updates which will be coming soon. If you like you will love its other half.

Credenza Still life at photographic location house in London

We will be updating the site soon, with new images of the fabulous replacement for our beloved Credenza, which we feel sure will be just as popular. so do check back for updates soon.

Here’s to a fab 2020 to all, Graham