I love a bit of colour

If your saw my London location house, you would probably disagree, many of the people who come here to do a photographic or film shoot just see the dark, some even think the whole house is one colour.


Though the palette chosen is dark, the colours are rich and deep, browns, greens, blues (no reds or purples – not a fan), they have a depth and intensity as vibrant as any yellow or orange and are the perfect foil for every other colour, allowing them to pop and buzz to a much greater degree than if they were against a pale or white background, it gives them an integrity and personality that is unique.

Lots of people are scared to go dark, fearing it will suck all the light and leave you depressed and feeling like a cave dwelling troll; rather they are calming, warm and welcoming. The one issue I do have, is they are a bugger for showing the dust, but a small price to pay for style……..maybe.