Good Bye Credenza

Christmas Still Life shot on the top of the Credenza at, photographic location house London

Happy New Year peeps!

Well, you might be wondering why this first 2020 post has a title that has nothing to do with New Year greeting. Ah well, there is a reason, to be explained. we all know that this time of year is as one person recently put it, is about looking forward as much as looking back, plus it’s a time of renewals.

Living Room at www.location78, photgraphic location for hire, London

Here at Location78 we have decided that the renewal means the removal of one of our key pieces of furniture, our much loved and photographed Credenza from our LivingRoom, but it’s not out of our life I am glad to report, it has just been relocated to Location78_ANDaHALF, which is our little interiors lifestyle project in Herefordshire, do follow for updates which will be coming soon. If you like you will love its other half.

Credenza Still life at photographic location house in London

We will be updating the site soon, with new images of the fabulous replacement for our beloved Credenza, which we feel sure will be just as popular. so do check back for updates soon.

Here’s to a fab 2020 to all, Graham

Art House

Collection of art displayed on the credenza top in the living room of location78, photographic and film location house

Pictures can completely transform a space, and here at, a film and photographic location house, we have plenty, and boy do they make a difference adding tons of character and colour.

People who shoot here often comment on the paintings (and they are ALL paintings, despite being married to a photographer! We have a few photos on the top floor, in our office and a dark corridor upstairs, but none in the main part of the house, I don’t know why, it is perhaps a bit insulting to one of us……) and lots assume that because we have so many that one of us is the artist – sadly not; a frustrated one perhaps, as I do love to make things, and there are a few ‘creations’ around the house, which have been made by me but I rarely get the chance these days. Watch this space though, things could be changing.

I pick up paintings all over the place, and most of my favourites are from charity shops (above, and below right), so price does NOT need to stand in the way of lovely collection of pictures, but car boot sales, Ebay (bottom left), student shows and artists studios (below left, the wonderful Lisa Giles) are also great places to browse, so don’t tie yourself down to a certain style and  go with your gut, you never know what you might find. I definitely have a bent towards a modernist abstract, but equally love an antique portrait, or floral oil – I’m NOT a fan of kitsch, and often toy with the idea of getting rid of the Tretchikoff in our bathroom – I think it is the right side of tasteful but I’m not quite convinced.

Generally I just buy what I like, which I think is the most important thing when buying ANYTHING, things that are fashionable are exactly that, and will drop out of fashion and ultimately favour over time, but if you buy instinctively, that love will last a lifetime (and if it doesn’t, you can always do a car bootie)

A mixture of art displays at photographic and film location house in Hackney

Various Art displays at the hackney location house for Hire

Bye Bye Balzac

well after many years of good service we are about to say bye bye to our beautiful Balzac sofa by Matthew Hilton, because our heart (mine & the misses) has been stollen by another, which will be revealed very soon on good old Balzac would have some tales to tell, I am sure, it has featured in many shoots both myself and lots of other high profile photographers shooting fashion, interiors & lifestyle photography @ our house, it’s had many famous bottoms on it, and i know of at least one naked lady who was in close contact with it, so if your in the market for a wonderful piece of furniture click here i do hope he goes to a good home to be loved for many more years ………….


My wife’s lovely pear

Interiors blog picture by Graham Atkins-Hughes interiors and lifestyle photographer LondonNot only has Jo my wife got a lovely pear but, she was given it by another man! (and his missus Lilla) – well they’re friends really, the very entertaining Jonny of Trunk Records, & Lilla of LillaVision, the only stipulation of the gift, was that we could only pass it on, if and when we wanted to, as it has always been passed on and never sold during it’s lifetime.  Jonny is one of those rare people in todays world who values objects for what they mean as opposed to what they are worth, if you know what I mean.  I’m sure it’s because of this, almost every time we see Jonny someone has given him something really marvellous, just because he’s admired it.  There were four of these pictures originally, all different fruits, we have been told the other three were possibly destroyed  in a house fire and, there was a rumour the designer may well have been a designer for Habitat, but that’s just a rumour.  Anyway we love it, hanging in the hallway and my wife’s lovely pear is much admired, with a great story behind it, and a little reminder that being nice has it’s rewards ……….


As Seen in Vogue


This week our friends at the Rug Company have started using the images which Graham shot for them at the house Location78 earlier this year shown above are two of the rugs from the Alexander McQueen collection which they have been having great press coverage on. I just read on their Collection blog about them being asked by the Camerons to create a unique gift for the Obamas when they visited last week, what an honour……

Bye Bob

After several years of working together with us Bob Cooper our web site designer has decided to take a step back to let someone else take the reins as we move forward with the development of our newest venture, into the world of e-commerce with the development of the soon to be launched  shop7&8,  which will soon be live on the newest of our sites ,  don’t worry will make sure you hear about it when it’s ready. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank Bob for all the hard work on designing our much praised sites which he has designed for us, above & below. As he sails off into his new career as a photo-retoucher (which he has had running along side his web work for the last few years) we wish Bob the best of luck and a huge thank you,

Graham & Jo


Street Treasures


Anyone who lives in Hackney will tell you stories about something wonderful they have found on the street, on their way to and from home.  That’s how we came across these beautiful chairs – they were in need of a lot of TLC and some new webbing!  Jo found them by the roadside one day, on her way home from our boys school, we then sourced some super cheap cotton velvet in Foy & Co near Cowbridge just outside Cardiff, and then got Mike a friend of Jo’s parents to do a great job of creating the beautiful cushions for them.  The shots above are from two of the interior / lifestyle shoots by Graham, in which they’ve been used.  On the left for SpaceNK and on the right is an Alexander McQueen designed rug, for The Rug company for their collection magazine & blog.  The shots below are from our own direct bookings site, more street treasure stories soon……………




we have had so many positive comments over the last few days about the updated colour palette at our location houseLocation78 , thank you so much to all who have blogged about us it’s really great to get such amazing feedback, here are a few the adorable abigail ahern, wonderful will @ bright bazaar & joyous jo @ desire to inspire thank you all and your readers. check it out for your self @ and do think of us for your next shoot, also thanks for all the great feedback about my interiors photography


13th Oct ’10


it’s ready, it’s ready, it’s ready …… the new location site is ready! lots and lots of new pictures of all the changes within the house, decor, furniture & accessories, we are very excited and very on the long ‘to do’ list is the shop @ launching just as soon as we can get all the content ready. no rest for the wicked as they say, we must have been a bad boy & girl in a past life, but i don’t remember, and i am sure we didn’t mean it.we will now start blogging about wonderful stuff around our neighbourhood of dalston, decor ideas we like & interesting bits and bobs where we find them, what was that about rest?………

back soon


Sept ’10



Another day some more sneak previews of the new colour scheme, @ the whole set will I promise be online V soon, we feel this is the most exciting of all the new developments, the black walls ceiling and floor of the living room of which we are super proud of all our hard work, and very excited to hear what everyone thinks, the black or if you like very dark grey is such a great foil for bright colours it makes for a great background to make the colours of the new pieces POP, I have already shot my first commission here since the decorative changes for a luxury Christmas gift guide, pictures soon on , more previews tomorrow

good nite