Hire Agreement &

Terms and Conditions

A a signed copy must be returned before any option can be confirmed.


all options must be confirmed 2 working days prior to beginning of the shoot.


cancellations of confirmed bookings with more than 2 working days notice will be charged @


cancellations of confirmed bookings with less than 2 working days notice will be charged @


Space Available for Hire

all areas of the house or garden featured on our web site are available except the top floor .


this is a non smoking location. if the crew want to smoke they are asked to do so at the rear

of the property and not outside the front door.


no food preparation is to take place at the location, and all food is to be consumed in the

basement/kitchen area. lemon juice and vinegar and other food acids stain the kitchen work

surface, extra care is requested when these areas are being used.

Deliveries & Collections

all props, lighting or any other deliveries are to be made on the day of the shoot between 9

am & 6 pm. any requirements outside this time many incur an overtime charge. it is the

responsibility of the client that there is appropriate security at the door when deliveries &

collections are being made. any damage or loss to the client/photographer or location is the

responsibility of the client/photographer and will be charged accordingly.

Additional Charges


a working day is from 9 am to 6 pm

6 pm – 11 pm  will be charged @ 20% of the day rate

from 11 pm onwards shooting is not permitted.

overtime is charged per hour or part thereof.

Damage to the location decorative finishes and otherwise of property will be added to the

final invoice on a case by case basis. details of what is considered damage are listed below.

cost of making good any damage will be added to the invoice.

hmi lighting

permission to use hmi or any large continuous lighting must be sought in advance of the

shoot dates. a charge of £10 per kilowatt per day will be added to the final invoice.


painting of any part of the location (house or garden) is not permitted. any damage to

decorative finish’s or breakage’s of property belonging to the location is the responsibility of

the client/photographer and must be made good on the day, to the owners satisfaction. any

damage must be reported as soon as possible as permanent damage or staining from

spillage’s can sometimes be avoided. furniture must be lifted at all times scratching of floors

will be considered decorative damage. Gaffer Tape must not be stuck to any surface in

the location as it will cause decorative damage . making holes in any surface,walls or

wooden panelling for hanging of pictures etc is not permitted.

Special Attention

special attention is drawn to the fact that there are many valuable items in the house

collectables, furniture, works of art, low hanging italian glass chandeliers, and some of the

decorative finishes, wooden panelling and wall coverings etc. these items are expensive to

replace and should be treated as such, any damage to collectable or valuable items will be

add to the final invoice at full market/replacement value.

pieces of hanging art may not be taken down without prior agreement.


any equipment, props or valuables left in the location are at the owners risk.

1. the client/photographer must undertake to save and indemnify 78 sandringham road and

seven & eight

it’s owners against all actions claims demands or costs losses and expenses which may be

brought against it or it’s owners by whomsoever arising directly or indirectly or in connection

with their granting access to the property to the client/photographer and their shoot


2. not make any claim against 78 sandringham rd or it’s owners for any loss damage or

injury arising as aforesaid.

providing proof of insurance may be required prior to a booking being confirmed.


the location must be left in a clean and tidy state (any furniture is to be replaced to its original

position), otherwise the cost of a professional cleaning service will be added, any rubbish

must be placed in the bins provided outside the basement door or bagged up in bin liners

and not on the street outside . rubbish that will not fit in bin liners must be taken away by the

client/photographer on the day of the shoot. any large rubbish not disposed of will incur an

additional charge of £20 per item.

Pets & Animals

It is not permitted to bring pets or animals into any part of the house or garden without piror

agreement with the owners.


the location is situated in a residents parking zone, parking permits can be supplied at a charge.


payment to be made on the day or strictly with in 30 days from date of invoice. cheques

made payable to seven&eight ltd vat will be added to all invoices.

Signature of this agreement means that you are bound by the terms set out above. It is your

responsibility that your employees (freelance shoot team/crew and couriers) are aware of

the implications of this agreement, ignorance of these terms will not be accepted as an

excuse for negligence or damage to any property

tel. 020 7923 1015. fax. 0207 923 1096